ESCAPE:to Ngong Hills

Hey, i just discovered one of the best places you can go and have a number of 'fun' things to do,considering that its out of the crazy/busy city norms.And plus its only a few kilometers from the city center{Nairobi}.                                 … Continue reading ESCAPE:to Ngong Hills


Urban Exploration – Nrb.

How well do you know your city/town/market and any of the place that you live around?? It was about a week ago that i decided to take a walk around and maybe come across anything that is out of the ordinary{ i technically had my camera with me}.   This is just a normal road … Continue reading Urban Exploration – Nrb.

Photography in the wild

​ In this century everybody owning a smartphone with a good camera is said to be a photographer.But the big question is,when and why is a person entitled the credentials of being  a prophessional photographer? Taking photos alone won't earn you that name but also being able  to generate a storyline from that same photo.​